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Welcome to Moon Air

Your Source for Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania!

Moon Air is a customer focused heating and air-conditioning company located in Elkton, (Cecil County) Maryland, Our goal is to make our company the best HVAC company in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Moon Air specializes in:

Ask about our HVAC Service Club Memberships for preferred HVAC maintenance and repair service!

Our Pledge: We guarantee that the equipment we have installed will perform as we have stated. If the system does not heat or cool your home, we will remove it and return 100% of your investment!



Here's a checklist for you
as we approach the cold months of spring:

  • Over most of the cooling season, keep the house closed tight during the day. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity. Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.
  • Buy a high-efficiency air conditioner: for room air conditioners, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating should be above 10; for central air conditioners, look for a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating above 12.
  • Install white window shades or mini-blinds. Mini-blinds can reduce solar heat gain by 40-50 percent
  • Turn off your A/C when you leave for more than an hour.
  • Try not to use a dehumidifier at the same time your air conditioner is operating. The dehumidifier will increase the cooling load and force the air conditioner to work harder
  • In hot climates, plant shade trees around the house. Don’t plant trees on the South if you want to benefit from passive solar heating in the winter.
  • Seal all air conditioner ducts, and insulate ducts that run through unheated basements, crawl spaces, and attics.
  • Maintain your air conditioners properly to maximize efficiency.

For more tips, check out this site!

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