Signs You May Need a Humidifier in Your Home

Have you ever questioned if the moisture in your home’s air is normal? Below are common signs that you might be dealing with dry air:

  • Chapped lips

  • Nosebleeds

  • Allergies

  • Dry & itchy skin

If you have ever been inside of your home and experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above, then it would be ideal for you to contact a professional indoor air quality expert at Moon Air to help determine if a whole home humidifier is the right choice for you.

Whole Home Humidifiers Benefit The Following:

  • Your Health: Airborne viruses thrive in low humidity environments. With a whole home humidifier, you can help decrease the chances of catching colds, flu, and any other respiratory problem that can occur from low humidity.

  • Save Energy: If you install a whole home humidifier, you will actually save money on keeping warm; it helps produce a greater quality of air.

  • Comfortability: Low humidity/dry air often times can lead to scratchy throats, dry noses, and dry, itchy skin.

  • Helps Prevent Snoring: If you or a loved one snores, it is possible that it is caused by dry air. Getting a whole home humidifier can help stop snoring.

Why You Should Choose Moon Air

You should choose Moon Air for your whole home humidifier needs because Moon Air has been in business for several years, has excellent reviews from customers, is transparent about pricing, and guarantees that if the equipment they install doesn’t perform exactly how it should, they will remove it. Moon Air truly cares about their customers. Call today at (410) 392-9350 to schedule your whole home humidifier appointment to better your home’s air quality!