Media Air Cleaners For Highly Advanced Filtration

Standard air filters are mostly meant to protect your HVAC system. So what are they doing for your indoor air quality? The answer is, not much. Most air filters let a lot of particles pass through them, including ones that can negatively impact your health and comfort. If you or any of your family is experiencing aggravated allergies or asthma or general discomfort while inside, you probably need a better line of defense.

A better filter solution for your health and comfort is a media air filter, which filters a large volume of microscopic contaminants from your air.

Rely on Moon Air in the MD, DE & PA areas for a high quality filter with efficient action.

The Superpowers of a Media Air Cleaner

There isn’t really anything supernatural about high-efficiency filter, but it might seem like it when you realize just how much it can enhance your indoor air quality. Our filters can clear your air of:

  • Pollen

  • Odors

  • Smog

  • Dust & Dust Mites

  • Microscopic Allergens

  • Bacteria

  • Smoke

  • Pet Dander

  • Viruses

  • Mold

The results can include alleviated allergies, fewer colds/viruses, a fresher smell and feel and even a visibly cleaner home.

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