Switching from an Oil to Gas Heating System near Elkton MD

Do you see the price of oil and panic? Have you considered switching your home heating system’s fuel from oil to gas? Many in our area have made the change from an oil-burning furnace to a gas-burning one. Gas furnaces are more energy-efficient and do not require an upfront supply of fuel like an oil-burning furnace does and are therefore much more convenient. Connect with our team to learn more about an oil to gas heating system conversion today!

Gas Heating & Furnace System Services

Moon Air can teach your old dog (furnace) a new trick. The highly-trained and capable professionals at Moon Air can transform your oil-burning furnace into one that runs on cheaper, cleaner natural gas.

Stop worrying about your home’s comfort and let us give you exceptional service and peace of mind so you can be sure you’ll be warm, toasty and, most importantly, happy when the winter months blow in. Contact us today at (410) 392-9350 and let one of our qualified HVAC specialists help you find the right solution for your heating service needs.

Why Make the Switch from Oil to Gas?

  • Convenience: Chances are, your home isn’t resting on a giant reserve of Texas tea. That being the case, for your oil-burning furnace to work you have to have regular deliveries of oil – deliveries that take up your precious and already-limited time. With an oil to gas conversion, you can have natural gas pumped straight into your home on an as-needed basis; no more scheduling, no more lost time and no more worry that you could run out of heating fuel at the worst possible moment.
  • Carbon Footprint: If you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, an oil to gas conversion is a certain step on the path to carbon neutrality. Natural gas emits approximately 30% less carbon dioxide than oil, and far fewer pollutants as well. This makes it a major ecological upgrade from burning oil, surrounding your home with cleaner air and giving you a cleaner conscience.
  • Cost: There are two ways a natural gas burning furnace can save you money. First, natural gas in general runs cheaper than oil, and anyone who’s watched the roller coaster of prices at the local pump knows oil’s price can rise at the drop of a hat. Secondly, since the gas is pumped straight into your home, you only pay for it as you use it, rather than sinking money into a load of oil at the end of winter you won’t touch until the end of summer.

Is My Maryland Area Home Heating System Ready?

The main requirement to perform an oil-to-gas conversion is having a gas main nearby that can be piped to your home. Beyond that, every home is different. You may need to have additional piping installed or may need to add gas hookups. It’s definitely an upgrade for the better, but it is a complex one, so we can work with you to determine what is the best solution for your home and install it with impeccable workmanship and practiced skill.

Kick Oil To The Curb & Go Natural Gas Today!

Are you tired of having to make time for oil deliveries? Are you concerned your carbon footprint could be mistaken for Bigfoot? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your furnace needs an oil to gas conversion. Just like any combustible material, natural gas must be delivered and used with care. For that, you need an experienced expert to perform your oil-to-gas conversion – an expert like the ones at Moon Air. Call us today at (410) 392-9350 or message us online and get started on your switch today!