Enjoy the Benefits of an HVAC UV Light

You may not think about it, but mold can form inside of your home’s air ducts. This is because mold tends to grow inside of dark spaces with limited air circulation and ventilation–making your air ducts the perfect location for it to grow and spread throughout your home. Moon Air can help eliminate mold and other harmful bacteria with an HVAC UV light.

How an HVAC UV Light Works

To prevent mold from growing inside of your air ducts, an HVAC UV light sends out UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) that destroys the cells of mold, which stops it from reproducing, ultimately eliminating them. It works the same way on bacteria and other biological contaminants. This results in a much safer living environment, keeping your family safe from the invisible threats.

Installing an HVAC UV Light System

An HVAC UV Light is installed near the cooling coils. That way, the UV light shines directly on the coils, blowers and other components, killing any mold, bacteria or other contaminants that may be growing right at the source.

Our professional technicians at Moon Air will help determine the perfect solution and answer any questions that you may have about HVAC UV lights. Moon Air service technicians have several years of experience in the industry and know how to ensure you and your family are safe from harmful mold and bacteria through our specialized IAQ services.

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