Inspections are available for Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Gas Furnaces, Oil Furnaces, Gas Boilers, Oil Boiler, Safety Tune- ups and any other air quality equipment and products.

All tune-ups include a safety inspection to ensure your system is working properly and safely.

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Some of the components of this inspection are:

Cat Scan Heat ExchangerInspect Electrical ConnectionsInspect Air Filters
Check for a carbon monoxide detectorCheck carbon monoxide level in homeTest fan limit switch
Check blower componentsCheck proper system operationsCheck equipment area
Check equipment clearancesCheck equipment conditionsInspect valves
Check evaporator coilsCheck starting capabilitiesCheck flue
Check temperature differentationMeasure voltage differencesCheck flame baffle
Evaluate safety controlsMeasure amperage drawCheck auxiliary heat operation
Equipment matchCheck heat modeCheck defrost cycle
Check ignition assemblyEvaluate vent systemBurner Assembly
Check gas pipingCheck gas pressuresCheck vent clearances

There are three A/C Inspection options:

  • Safety Inspection
    An 18 point inspection on your system. Please see above box for the components of this inspection.
  • Basic Inspection
    A 18 point inspection on A/C system. This includes the following: Check & Calibrate thermostat,take a temp for filter and vent, check filter condition, inspect contactor for wear, check and record refrigerant charge & more!
  • Deluxe Inspection
    A 24 point inspection on A/C system. This includes the following: Inspect the outdoor and indoor coils, check and record refrigerant charge, oil motors where required, inspect belts when used, adjust refrigerant charge up to 1lb, check fan motor bearings, prove time delay and more!
  • Super Inspection
    Super Tune-up includes a 31 point inspection on your A/C system. This tune-up includes the following: Check and calibrate thermostat, wash and wax, clean condenser coil, seal refrigerant line penetration, adjust refrigerant charge up to 1lb, check blower housing mounts, inspect all electrical wiring, inspect condensation pan, oil motors where required, check filter conditions and more.

Furnace Inspection

We offer Inspections for Gas furnaces, Electric, Oil Furnaces, Gas Boilers, Heat pumps, and Oil Boilers.

  • Heat Pump – Includes testing reversing valve, check defrost control board, check defrost sensor, check electric heat element, and check electric heat control.
  • Electrical tune up is a 17 point inspection. It includes checking the circuit breaker, check fuses. Blower/Indoor Coil- Check bearings, check blower wheel, lubricate blower motor, check motor amps, check capacitor, check wiring, check blower housing mount & more.
  • Gas heater tune up includes a 13 point inspection. It includes the following: Check and clean/adjust pilot, check and clean/adjust igniter, check and clean/adjust flame sensors, check safety limit, check wiring, check gas pipe, check vent pipe and more.
  • Oil Heater is a 17 point inspection which includes: Replacement of oil filter, replace oil nozzle, check igniter, check igniter transformer, check pump, check sensor, check oil pipe, check burner motor and more.
  • Oil Boiler consists of a 24 point inspection- Checking oil filter, replace oil nozzle, check igniter, check relief valve, check expansion tank, check fill valve, check safety limit, check burner control, check pump and more.

Benefits of tuning up your system include:

  • Save Money- Equipment that is running properly costs less to run; reducing your Cooling and heating costs. It will also extend the life of your system so you do not have to replace it as soon.
  • Transferable- Your Club Membership can either be transferred to the buyer of the home you are selling OR to your new home. This will add value to your home
  • Skilled and Trustworthy Professional Technicians- Your heating and air conditioning technician is not only trained to take care of your equipment, he is trained to show a respect for you and your home. You’ll take comfort in knowing that we drug test and criminal background check ALL of our employees. Our technicians wear clean uniforms and are trust certified for your safety and protection.
  • Ongoing Safety Inspections- Your peace of mind is our goal. We will assess your home’s heating and air conditioning systems to ensure they are in safe operating condition. Our technicians are trained to use infrared cameras to inspect your equipment for any defects. You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings, and we’ll explain any concern
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