Tailor Your Comfort in the Tri-State Area With a Ductless Mini Split

For many, a ductless mini split is the next step up in temperature control. Able to be used in conjunction with a traditional unit or by itself, this innovative system is flexible and easy to customize. It provides quiet, powerful heating or cooling to specific areas of your home. Not to mention, they are incredibly energy efficient.

A professional ductless system installation from Moon Air Air Conditioning & Heating will ensure you can enjoy all of these benefits worry-free. You can depend on our licensed, experience team to work hard perfecting your comfort so you won’t have to!

The Many Purposes of Ductless Mini Splits

Here’s a quick look at what makes these units in such hot demand lately.

  • Targeted Comfort – Most people only hang out in a few rooms of their home, so why not focus fast heating and cooling on those places in particular?

  • Saving Energy – For each space that you switch to using a ductless unit, you can save up to 30% on your heating and cooling expenses. This is because ducts often let a lot of heated/cooled air escape.

  • Looking After Your Indoor Air Quality – When air passes through your ducts, it blows a lot of dust and airborne germs around. As a result, less reliance on your ducts equals better indoor air quality.

  • Eliminating the Need For Ducts Entirely – Think you’d like to go duct-free? It’s a big decision, but it has a lot of perks. You can maximize your comfort, energy savings and air quality benefits.

  • Avoid a Window Unit – Window units can be bulky, unsightly and pose a security risk. Any room you are considering adding a window unit can benefit from a mini split, including garages and bonus rooms.

So what are the cons? Truthfully, any initial downsides are paid off in the future. While there may be a higher upfront cost than other HVAC systems depending on your setup, the relief on your power bill will make up for it over time.

Let the Friendly Moon Air Pros Help!

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