The certified technicians from Moon Air Inc. can handle any kind of HVAC repair, installation or ongoing service you need. Whether you require one certified technician or a team, a single truck or a fleet, Moon Air Inc. is the choice for your commercial heating and cooling. We provide reduced energy and operational costs, quick responses, dependable equipment longevity and professional service.

Our entire team of Commercial HVAC Technicians are highly trained and experienced to install and service commercial heating and cooling equipment and are on call 24/7 to cover your company’s emergency repairs. We’ll work both within and outside your regular work hours to minimize inconvenience and disruption of your work day.

Commercial HVAC Efficiency

Moon Air Inc. ensures your commercial building achieves optimal energy performance from top to bottom, throughout the year. We are dedicated to the design, installation, service and maintenance of your HVAC systems and work with a wide selection of manufacturers to offer you the best possible costs on equipment and parts. We offer preventative maintenance contracts to improve efficiency and maximize the life of your equipment.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Few companies focus on Indoor Air Quality and its impact on workforce productivity. According to the latest research, employers can improve performance by up to 10% through improvements in indoor air quality. OSHA estimates that unsatisfactory indoor air costs employers fifteen billion dollars annually due to worker inefficiency and sick leave. Indoor pollutants such as mold, mildew, dust mites, pet dander and bacteria lead to eye irritation, nausea, headaches, asthma and allergies. Cleaning products, pest control solutions, personal care products and even carpets, furniture and wall coverings contribute to indoor air pollutants.

Through air duct cleaning, air purifiers, furnace and air conditioning filters and proper ventilation, Moon Air Inc. can help you improve air quality and create a healthier, more efficient workspace.

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When you want comfort with confidence, call Moon Air Inc. Our longstanding record of providing complete heating and cooling needs, launches us above the rest. No matter what the weatherman predicts, we look toward to keeping your workplace the perfect temperature. Call (410) 392-9350 or contact us online for more information.
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