Purify the Air in Your Home With a Quality Product

Do you ever wonder how clean the air that you are breathing in your home is? Have you noticed that you have been feeling more sick than usual? It could be that the air quality in your home is not all that great, resulting in allergens, asthma flare-ups and overall poor health. It might be time to install an air purification system.

Moon Air service technicians are trained professionals in indoor air quality and will be more than happy to assess your home’s air quality to determine if you and your family could benefit from an air purifier.

Common Signs That Your Air Has Hidden Contaminants

  • Allergies – If you are experiencing sneezing, coughing or watery eyes predominately in your own home, you might have a lot of allergens floating around.

  • Excess Dust – No matter how much you vacuum, dust can be very persistent.

  • Bad Odors – The smell of mold, mildew, lingering pet odors or other unwanted odors can be hard to eradicate without a purification system.

  • Frequent Illness – You might come down with a cold or the flu more often if your indoor quality is compromised.

The Solution to Cleaner Air

Installing an air purifier is a surefire solution to cleaner air in your home. These systems help not only to eliminate germs but also to help eliminate bad smells, such as unwanted cooking, smoke and pet odors, which plays a significant role in helping you and your family live more comfortably.

Other benefits from an air purifier installation by Moon Air include:

  • Dust Mite Prevention

  • Mold Spore Elimination

  • Elimination of Second-Hand Smoke

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you are experiencing any of the common signs listed above, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a Moon Air indoor air quality expert to help determine if your home could benefit from an air purifier. Give us a call at (410) 392-9350 to schedule your appointment and to have all of your questions answered by our team of professionals. We look forward to helping make your home’s air clean so you and your family can enjoy a safer living environment.