Change Your Air/Furnace Filters For Maximum Efficiency & Better IAQ

It is very important to change out your furnace or air filters in your home to ensure your home is clear of unwanted airborne particles and to keep your HVAC system from getting damaged. You should change your furnace filter at least every 1 to 3 months, depending on the type of filter you have. The reason is, your furnace filter becomes consumed with dust, mold and other airborne contaminants that clog up the filter. This means that your furnace filter will not be able to work properly, thus, making your air contaminated with unwanted particles that are harmful to you and your loved ones to breathe.

How To Pick The Right Furnace Filter

Below are a few key points you should pay attention to when you purchase an air filter for your home:

  • The Size of The Filter – Check your old filter to get the correct size.

  • Filter Material – This is very important because there are three types of furnace filters:

    • Disposable Fiberglass – Provides bare minimum protections and filtration for your furnace.
    • Pleated Filters – Made out of stronger material and are better at trapping particles.
    • Passive Electrostatic Filters – Charged with static to attract dust, dirt and any other airborne particles, and these particular filters only need to be changed out every 3 months.
  • MERV Rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) – These are rated from 1-11, and one of our experts can help you determine the best choice for your home.

Why Choose Moon Air for Your Furnace Filter Needs

When you choose Moon Air, you get top quality customer service, indoor air quality expert technicians that will answer any questions you may have. Call Moon Air today at (410) 392-9350 to speak with an indoor air quality expert about your next filter change.