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The perfect time to service your air conditioning equipment is before you’re desperate for relief from the heat. Moon Air Inc. provides seasonal tune-ups to all brands and models of cooling systems in your area. Our qualified technicians will inspect, clean and ready your air conditioner for the heavy summer workload, so you can rest easy.

Preventative maintenance is a smart investment. By protecting your cooling system, you’ll protect your wallet, avoiding most malfunctions and costly repairs. A tune-up by the Moon Air Inc. professionals will add years of life to your air conditioner, increase efficiency and keep your family breathing clean, healthy air.

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Your heating and cooling uses over fifty percent of your energy costs in your home. A regular maintenance program with Moon Air Inc. will keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency levels, guaranteeing your continued comfort and lower energy costs. You can lose up to five percent efficiency because the system is dirty or not operating properly.

During an annual inspection, the specialists from Moon Air Inc. will check the indoor and outdoor coils. Often dirt builds up, reducing the unit’s ability to transfer the heat that’s carried out from inside. This leads to inefficiency and higher utility bills. Our team will also check and inspect the condensate drain. A clogged drain can affect indoor humidity levels and cause water damage. We’ll lubricate all moving parts, tighten all electrical connections, check the refrigerant level, look for refrigerant leaks, inspect capacitors, compressors, filters and belts, pressure components, safety controls and complete an all-systems check. Our certified technicians will make certain your air conditioner is running safely, so you can relax in the cool comfort of your home.

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You air conditioning equipment needs to be tuned up once a year every year. So every time the earth orbits the sun, call Moon Air Inc. for out of this world service!
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